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Transparent Words in Crossing Poem

In, “Transparent Words in Crossing Poem,” I watch her goings and coming. Fighting to hold on to something she knows will take her. She forces herself to move.

With, Transparent Words in Crossing poem, I see her from my sliding glass window. Baby step after baby step. I have the most significant admiration for someone who doesn’t quit just cause everyone else says that she should. Does a rose die just because the fall and winter have stripped her leaves and petals? No, not at all. The rose waits patiently. When the sun rises and warms the dirt she lies in; she smiles once more in crimson red petals she wears. She burst from her new bud and gives life her best. Her very best. Below, you can read about a lovely lady who surpasses the word “effort.’

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Transparent Words in Crossing Poem

Every day, it was like clockwork.
Baby steps come from the frailty of 98 pounds.
Graying hair long enough to weave wigs for the less fortunate.

It was the visits from my love and hanging outside that brought Lilly to us.
With the soft, shallow words longing for longevity.
She would whisper; “Can I have a smoke?”

Granted, my boyfriend would always have a smoke before he’d come inside to visit,
and he would offer her two cigarettes.

She would smile. A small smile with pink petals.

She’d stand with us sharing conversation, puffs, and air.

My heart a heartache. For, I knew Lilly’s life days had a number.

It was pure if the sun sprinkled the ground with glitter, or
the rain-saturated clothing, there’s always an umbrella.

But, to listen to the transparent words in crossing, and know that life isn’t forever.
Is to relish in the stories of yesterday like beautiful blossoms that come for the spring and summer.
And then they’re gone.

So, every day, like clockwork. I would walk with baby steps, and pink rose petals.

©2018 Linda J. Wolff (Google), and “Transparent Words in Crossing Poem.”

I believe in something. That something to be, that we are everything we eat, see, and hear. I try to keep my eyes wide open other than sleeping. In doing so, I am able to see pink petals in the entity of people. I like to see the good in people, and even the dark side. It helps me to be centered, I don’t ever want to become of soul that doesn’t feel. With meeting Lilly for the first time, I saw a lonely flower. Standing outside her doorway as I would pass. So, I reached out and said hello, and since then our meeting has bloomed into a beautiful pink rose. I am grateful for my time with her now, and I will nurture our friendship as long as possible.

Thank you for stopping in and giving us your time. Hoping you’re having a gracious morning, or afternoon, and maybe a night.

Linda J. Wolff

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