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Quote: Pause

To pause is to inhale life slowly, reflectively. – Linda J. Wolff


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Quote Flame

“However small this flame may burn— it burns steadily because it’s mine.” – Linda J. Wolff

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“Show me the version of you I can fall in love with over and over. – Linda J. Wolff

Soul Survival Quote Seedling

Soul Survival Quote Seedling

In, “Soul Survival Quote Seedling,” things, events happen for a reason. Maybe it’s in the lesson.

In this, “Soul Survival Quote Seedling,” I write of an incident that made me believe of angels, helped me believe I had a purpose to write. The 1983 Jeep Cherokee spins, 365 degrees of tires and black ice. Snow flying like darts with a northern wind. I correct the steering only to ride this Ferris Wheel ride again. I hit the brakes but its too late.

Tires grab the embankment; the Jeep flips, I see a video playing in rewind. Upright now in a snowy field, blinking through a shattered window, winter seeps in. I just sit. Rapping on the window. Voices. Voices yelling “Are you OK? I nod yes, realizing GOD sent his angel with better plans.

I can’t explain to the police officer why I am not cut or bruised, especially since there was shattered glass everywhere. My ribcage molded itself around the center console. But I did not hurt, nor was there any pools of blood. I came from the wreckage unscathed. GOD had put his hand upon me or an angel watched over me. What’s your analogy of this incident?

Soul Survival Quote Seedling

Soul Survival Quote Seedling

Just cause they say you’re done.
Doesn’t mean anything.
There’s still a seedling of hope inside you.

©Linda J. Wolff (Google), and “Soul Survival Quote Seedling.”

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