Quote – Laughter

Quote – Laughter Noise through the mouth.

I was left with heartache after Thanksgiving. Thinking about my family and friends that are no longer with me as I enjoyed the tiny morsels of food and life. My mind spun back to the days sitting around the festive holiday table, sharing moments that brought tears and laughter to my heart. I revel in these tiny gems of memories. They’re everything to me. They take me back to the place and time. I cherish sharing these treasures with my daughter Bianca. This quote – laughter is my noise through mouth and mind.

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Quote – Laughter


Laughter comes as giggles or chuckling.

An action of happiness.

Usage of words.

Girl on fire.

Heartaches reassured.

Tears fill with joy.

Erupt in Jubilee

Ready for a willing soul.

©Linda J. Wolff, and Quote – Laughter

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