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Through this micro-poetry love stories; I want to entertain the word “love stories.” In everything, there’s a starting point. A beginning, an end. With love, it’s that first twinkle, or gaze from another that sets the spark. But, with that thought in mind. Self-love is where it begins. I’ve seen couples in a relationship together for over 50 years. I wonder how this can be.


Is it two persons who are so confident in themselves, then add a blend of being able to communicate respectfully towards one another. I see the spark of passion still in their eyes after all this time.

But the most significant love story is the one which a person loves themselves for all that they are and accepts themselves of all their imperfections and perfections.

Micro-Poetry Love Stories

Love stories
inspired from
who love
first and foremost.

I have a friend whom I am mentoring. He has left me challenged. In the last two years, he has gone through 20 relationships ending badly. At first, I wondered about his choices in the ladies he had met. But over time, I could see the issue lye within himself.

He would fall for a lady. Then when she needed space, he felt threatened. I’m trying to help him incorporate journaling into this process of insecurity he is having. We are taking baby steps of learning to love self. I have high hopes for him and know one day; we will get to the point of himself being happy in the silence that embraces him.

I hope you’re all starting your Monday off to a great start. Have a blessed and prosperous week too!

©Linda J. Wolff, “Micro-Poetry Love stories.” In this series, life is challenging, especially when we grow from children to adults, the process in how we interpret the good, the bad, and ugly steps can change our perspective. Journaling for me is therapeutic. It’s healing to forgive mistakes you’ve made.

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