Image of Quote of the Day: Ice Cream & Poetry

Quote: Ice cream and Poetry

Quote of the day! Ice cream and poetry.

In this quote, I’m going to indulge in taste, sensation,  and inspiration.  Who doesn’t love a great ice cream cone or banana split? My favorite at Baskin Robins is the banana and peanut butter ice cream. For some reason, the combination of those two flavors just is euphoria for me.

Image of Quote of the Day: Ice Cream & Poetry

That first bite just does me in. My mouth and brain say more, more. Then, I look down at what’s left of my cone and its almost gone.

Poetry gives a reader the same sensation.  The first line is like the first bite of your favorite ice cream. And then, intrigue. You must have more and you continue to read until the end. Then the effect is the inspiration, the heart swells with the flow of emotion of the poetry. Do you agree? What’s your favorite ice cream? Let’s sweeten up this post with your flavors!

Quote of the day! Ice Cream and Poetry

“Good poetry is like going to an ice cream shop and ordering your favorite flavor of ice cream and enjoying it till the last bite. Then satisfaction!” – Linda J. Wolff

Hoping each one of you is having an awesome Monday! Wishing you a blessed and successful week too!

©2017 Linda J. Wolff
|Ice Cream and Poetry|
Quote of the day!

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