Creating SEO Focus Keyword Articles for a Blog or Website

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This article is about how to use focus keywords. And creating an SEO focus keyword article for a blog or website.

Focus keyword and the new blogger. As a newbie in the blogging world, writing to captivate readers can be kind of intimidating and downright scary. But even more so; being able to reach those readers online among the thousand’s of other blogs or website, creates a challenge. And so, the newbie should learn how to use focus keywords to motivate the complete theme of an article. Especially, if he is interested in writing to monetize his blog. He has to have tricks up his sleeve. Informative tricks.  Join our WordPress meetup or Subscribe to Wolff Poetry to continue receiving our valuable tips. Therefore, he must have some insight into the writing techniques of today in the world of online blogging.

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Giving a title a focus keyword:

Google loves articles with a focus. A title gives an article just that. And every piece must start with an intriguing title. (Hook your reader.) When writing your title, use a focus keyword (Preferably towards the front of the title.) Thus, it is imperative the focus keyword is the driving component of your complete article. I usually choose to use one focus keyword, and elaborate on it throughout the article I’m writing. Now, to continue with the introduction of the article.

Create a focus keyword introduction. What is the introduction to a paragraph?

A clear introduction to an article sets a hook for the reader and introduces your focus keyword (topic.) And (presents your view of the subject.) And, I like to use a reference or a quote with the focus keyword in it to spice up the intro even more. Even more, I use between 100-200 words in the intro.

Example: Look at it this way, a guy goes to a bakery. He wants a chocolate cake for his wife’s birthday. He wants to start with a basic round chocolate cake minus any toppings or frosting. (That’s your title!) Now your introduction is like the first layer of filling that goes in between the cake layers. What kind of filler does the guy want? The bakery personnel offer tidbits of flavors; like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. Maybe just cool whip! Now let’s get on to the good stuff the toppings.

Offer a focus keyword Paragraph. What makes an interesting paragraph?
  1. Start the paragraph with the most important sentence. In fact, use the focus keyword at the beginning of your sentence. It has better sticking power with Google. A reader will understand the flow of where the article is taking them.
  2. Use at least two sentences to form a paragraph and no more than 6 to 7 sentences.
  3. When writing your paragraph, make use of white space between sentences. White space gives depth to the reader.
  4. When one writes sentences, use no more than 20 words in each sentence. By doing so, you will bring clarity and transition to the article.
  5. Your paragraph needs to emphasize on your focus keyword.

Therefore, each paragraph should contain as many points as possible in getting your ideas across to the reader. And remember, each section needs to focus on one primary purpose or the focus keyword.

Now back to the example. The guy wants cool whip within the layers of the cake. It’s now time to add the sweetest stuff to the cake. (Toppings is like the paragraph of an article.) The guy has chosen chocolate for his frosting as a top layer. He then instructs the bakery personal how to write a birthday wish for his wife. Fresh strawberries are added to the frosting layer next. And dribbles of white chocolate over the berries finalizes the last touch to the cake. A big grin crosses the man’s face. He is quite pleased with how the cake turned out.

Hope this article has been insightful to you! 

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