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Daily Haiku Answers

In this, “Daily Haiku Answers,” One finds answers in specific places of the mind. Seek.

In, Daily Haiku Answers, I see blue in the sky of the open mind and searching, seeking for the peace, when storms erupt upon skies. Get away to a place of comfort, consolidation of time. Open the book to answers that lie pages, take solace from a world you cannot control. Leave it to settle and accept. Answers lie in the clouds.

Daily Haiku Answers

Daily Haiku Answers

Solace— comfort place.

Rippling blue— water and sky.

Answers— quiet healing.

©Linda J. Wolff, and Daily Haiku Answers

“Life is full of choices and questions and sometimes the choices are so important or so difficult to make that they can create mental anxiety and anguish. I started meditating regularly during my studies as a student back in the early 90’s. It was a busy time and I personally found meditation a great way of sifting through the mental chatter to find meaningful answers. By using the stillness within meditation, I learned to access a more intuitive state of awareness.”

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