Image of Free Verse Poem A Walk Through Empty Hearts

Free Verse Poem: A Walk Through Empty Hearts

“A Walk Through Empty Hearts” is a free verse poem that interprets the pings of letting go of love.

In this free verse poem. The inevitable is there. A woman sees changes in her love with a longtime romance. The time has come in letting go. She has found that the relationship is going nowhere. He says he doesn’t want anything more.

Her goodbye may seem cruel But, growth and change come with goodbyes. I am in hope of you enjoying this free verse poem and digital art piece.

Free Verse Poem, “A Walk Through Empty Hearts.” 

Look, it is Fall. Fall colors.
It is the beginning to an end.
You don’t want this.
You love me; you say you do,
but you say no to a future.
I know of relationship therapists, of resolve.
I know of talk therapy.
Blood and love.
Cold rejection.
“Distance falls.” my friend reminds me.
It’s the breaking time.
Wrenching thunder within me.
I always have to rest away from the weariness of letting go.
The Fall whispers of cold.
The colorful leafy wasteland of it all.
Things of bittersweet heartache.

The taproots are deep.
I knew a guy called Robert once.
He made music mixes.
I wonder where he’s at these days.
The ladies love his choices of music.
The ladies he kisses.
Heaven has opened.
How to let go.
Butterflies and mist move softly across the earth crust.
Darkness is gone.
Boulders are trapped there.
The same way that thoughts are trapped in emotions buried.
Instinct tells me that I can’t touch your soul and that I can’t touch the core of the earth.
Branches have coldness trapped inside.
Ours is a post-separation brook.
I am here lonely and sad.
Common sensed and intellectual.
In a faraway place, others are moving.
They rise, waking their children, smiling.
I am in tune to this happiness and sipping my coffee to a songbird on my window seal.

It’s morning, the songbird sings of change.
Of my youth, I would beg for love.
Now I am saying, “Don’t forget me.”

©Linda J. Wolff

What is a Free Verse Poem? Typically, free verse is patterned by speech rather than a meter. Further, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme.

Such as, visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.

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