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Here you can shop poetry, Linda J. Wolff offers two poetry eBooks and one short story romance eBook. Each poetry eBook serves as a powerhouse for mediative wellbeing and motivational tools for empowerment. Within the pages, Linda J. Wolff shares her experiences in the form of poetry, in whatever way the pain externalized. Read more[about Linda J. Wolff]


Urban Pen: Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff, Vol#1 – Time Pieces

Shop Poetry: Urban Pen - Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff


Urban Pen: Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff, VOL1 Time Pieces

Urban Pen is Linda J. Wolff’s latest compilation, including the new collection of poems (“Time Pieces”) and followed by the best of her previous writings. Linda J. Wolff’s poetry is beautiful- soothing, meditative, and sincere. She will take you deep into a forest, paint you an abstract picture with words.

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Impressions of My Mind Poetry eBook

Impressions of My Mind ebook BY Linda J. Wolff


Impressions of My Mind Poetry eBook

2014 poetry lines of Pacific Northwest beauty, Washington and different areas of emotion. Whether it be the love of animals, nature. Inspiration is the primary focus of eBook. The spiritual essence of angels lifts our spirits in our hour of need. Love poems inspire the romantic view in all of us. Life and friendship poems give us cause for reflection to appreciate the simplest of life’s pleasures and friends. May the poetry in this book, bring you moments of pure joy and enjoyment.

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 The 10 O’Clock Hour Short Story Romance

10 O'Clock Hour eBook by Linda J. Wolff


The 10 O’Clock Hour

In this 2013 release includes a Journey starts with the encounter of a man and woman who by accident briefly meet each other. The lurch of the train moving forward force a meeting. No words spoke just an exchange of touch, a silly, sweet smile. A business card slipped into the hands of Emily. Then, she is left with the notion of what could be and her feelings of the silent tantalizing moment of a brief encounter with love.

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