Raqi The Zen Teacher

Meet RAQI, the Zen Teacher of All things Colorful + Positive + Meditative Quotes.

Meet my new mascot for Wolff Poetry. Raqi, the Zen Teacher of mindfulness. He’s my charming, feisty, little raccoon. Each day he will offer an insightful, colorful collage of words to help us stay in touch with inner peace.You’ll find the art of transforming stress, communication, love, and peace through colorful collages and words. Raqi will share mindfulness through quotes and inspiration, to help you grow DAY BY DAY fulfilling a mindfulness practice, and become successful throughout each day by feeling happier.

What is Zen? “Zen is the practice of healing from the inside out through meditative & mindful intuition.” – Linda J. Wolff With each picture collage, you’ll find an inspiring message to enlighten your mind, body, and soul. Here today, we set sail on the waves of freedom. Freedom is the most valuable thing there is; it is what makes the soul happy. We hope you’ll follow us on Raqi’s Instagram page as well – Raqi, The Zen Teacher Instagram Page

Zen Teaching: Fire & Kind Words

Fire & Kind Words Image

Light the fire of love with kind words.

Nourish other’s and yourself using kind words. Sometimes when the right words are spoken you might help someone find themselves. It might just be enough to help them blossom into a better person, even more, to help them become successful and live life happily.