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Quote Expectations

Quote Expectations

In this Quote Expectations. I’m going to indulge on words, relationships, and expectations. It’s clear that one can sabotage their own relationship with a potential life partner. I’m not a marriage counselor or a therapist. I’m actually in an experimental stage of my own relationship. Lately, I have set the bar too high in expectations of my relationship with my boyfriend. And, this was completely wrong of me.

Image of quote expectations

In this site, I’m going to reveal myself in the raw, and real of true emotions. I am not afraid of what others opinions are of me. I totally love whom I’ve become in my imperfections and perfections. There is no ONE who can judge me except for myself.


I have come to accept the beautiful soul of whom I’ve become. Most of you who follow me, know I bare honesty and integrity in my true life experiences shared through my poetry and stories.

I was fantasizing about living together. Or marriage. Granted, we have been seeing each other for awhile. Yet, I did something that almost pushed him away for good. I talked about my expectations to him. Thus, creating this standard he must follow. Over time, I literally pushed him away, cause he felt he couldn’t meet my needs. He couldn’t handle the pressure.

We all move in different circles. Some of us at a faster pace. Some slower. Words cut deep to the soul, and I made my love feel inadequate. I felt horrible when he poured his feelings to me. I sincerely apologized for my actions and begged him to forgive me.

Quote Expectations

Love explicitly.
Love without expectations or doubt.
Listen to your heart, no matter the price.
No matter the price.

©Linda J. Wolff, “Quote Expectations. 

Quote expectations are the series of pieces titled after meditative deep thinking of true-self, I’ve begun in the last 24 months as I have struggled to manage the loss of too many deaths in this time frame. In this post specifically, I have embraced the duality of Self I’ve experienced: loss/in grief, not/in pain, love/as part, how I perform myself in mother/girlfriend role and endure.

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