Poetry Silence Over Glittered Rooftops Image

Poetry Silence Over Glittered Rooftops

In, “Poetry Silence Over Glittered Rooftops,” I write about the morning staring through the window, observing what wasn’t happening and what was.

In, “Poetry Silence Over Glittered Rooftops,” it was like a still picture, but everything was moving. Like moving at a snail’s pace. But I had to slow my heartbeat, sip my coffee slowly and just watch. Everything was glittered and white, then the sun warms rooftops, little by little roofs change color. Brightness screams across the apartment complex, I’m amazed at the beauty. Entranced by steam rising into the atmosphere. Up. Then gone.

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Poetry Silence Over Glittered Rooftops

Across the frozen rooftops,
shadows bend like fingers.
Stretching long and thin.
Scratching black lines across
glittering white.
I see him: billows of
clouds coming from
an open mouth,
legs are moving in a lyric beat.
The park stands quietly;
the trees bow to
blue in a windless morning,
a black crow swoops
at garbage of yesterday, and the
silent frost has hidden
all the footprints of children.

©Linda J. Wolff (Google), and “Free Verse Poem Ink Spilled.”

What is a Free Verse Poem? Typically, free verse is a patterned through speech rather than a meter. Further, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Such as, visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.

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The woman behind Wolff Poetry. A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Reservoir for Wolff Poetry and mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one’s mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

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