Image of Poetry; "Double Exposure."

Poetry: Double Exposure

To Illustrate in this Piece of Poetry, “Double Exposure.”

When one thinks of double exposure, they think something of more than one. From, as a noun, it means “anything that is twofold in size or amount or twice the usual size, quantity, strength, etc.”

When I think of double exposure, I think of layers within the heart.  Such as a revelation exposed, such as emotions layered, concealed under many scars. And, the sudden revealing of the feeling which has hidden behind eyes. The unmasking, when another layer of excitement like love, lays open or influence the heart to feel new again. If you enjoy what you are reading [ Join our Community ]

Image of Poetry, "Double Exposure."

Using layers in photography; is like using layers in poetry. Each exposes, each reveals the hidden.

Such as in this digital art piece. For example, the first picture is of white flowers hanging; morning dew kisses the softness of white. And also like, a newborn baby, beautiful, full of color, of hope, of promise. Time has a way of a revealing hearts endured of exposure to the challenges of life, of love, of loss, etc.  Scars are like the second layer added to a photo, compiled of layering.  It might take a stream of light, an emotion like love, from one whose depth is so keen to uncover. And a heart unwilling to allow the penetration of exposure.

But, just as photos can change through effects, so makes the impact of sharpening or softening of a picture. Love is responsive to the influenceable fluctuations of layers and lighting.

Notice the layering of graffiti in the photo. Do you see the defining edges, now then imagine scars within a lover, damaged by layers of hurt. I see visible scars.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Wolff Poetry: Double Exposure|

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