Image of The Long-Term Relationship Between the Moon and Stars Poetry

Long-Term Relationship Between Moon & Stars Described Through Poetry

Hello, My Poetry Fans! I hope this day finds you all of having a blessed day!

I want to share a poem that I wrote titled “The Long-Term Relationship Between Moon & Star.”

Image of The Long-Term Relationship Between the Moon and Stars Poetry
Image of The Long-Term Relationship Between the Moon and Stars Described Through Poetry

Granted, we know there isn’t such a thing as a long-term physical relationship between the moon and the stars. But, if for a moment, in a romantic sense in the genre of poetry. The terms “long-term relationship” can be used to provoke a fantasy fairy tale.

Take, for instance, this photograph. It’s just a photograph right! For me, it’s more, look at the expression on the moon figurine. Do you see the smile?  How the cheeks have risen, only this can happen when a smile is produced.

Notice the little star dangling, just like real stars do. Bright and glimmering in a dark sky. Hanging from an invisible piece of twine. Indeed, it does look like a long-term relationship. Forever, embedded in the depth of darkness. Yet, the moon needs the stars. They seem to offer a bright glow together. A glow the lights up a galaxy. Too me, this is a fairy tale.

Furthermore, it looks as if the moon is completely relaxed and happy!

Word Origin and History for fairy tale n.

“oral narrative centered on magical tests, quests, and transformations,” 1749, translating French Conte de feés of Madame d’Aulnois (1698, translated into English 1699). As an adjective (also fairytale), attested by 1963.

A Free Verse Poetry Piece; The Long-Term Relationship Between Moon & Star

Moon and “Star” have had a long-term relationship…in the world

of a fantasy realm.

One night, I saw it for myself.

I was standing, washing the left-over dishes from dinner.

Looking through the kitchen window.

The night held pitch black. Yet, profoundly lit with brightness.

And there it was, moon smiling.

He had the biggest smile.

I followed his gaze; such glitter shone from small beady eyes.

He was staring at Star. I could see why he was so enamored by her.

She was so delicate and tiny. The way she smiled back at him.

One couldn’t help but notice the love they shared.

Her love beamed, beautiful light bounced through the darkness.

©2017 Linda J. Wolff

As a final point; I’m a romantic! The thought of a long-term relationship is like a fairy tale. I’ve known people who have been in love for over 50 years. Even more, think about what it takes to stay in love. It has to be magical. Indeed, one would have to presume that the communication between these two people is one of compassion and understanding.

That is to say; they probably had their fair share of disagreements, but they must have been able to resolve their issues quietly and respectably.

I’m hoping you enjoyed this article and poem “The Long-Term Relationship Between Moon & Star.”

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