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Leanpub In-Progress Publishing Tool for Writers

“Leanpub In-Progress Publishing Tool” is a great tool for serious authors. Leanpub offers an impressive publishing platform and storefront option.

As an author, it’s always a challenge to find the right publishing platform. There are many choices to chose from. One can use a professional publishing agency. Or there’s the choice of self-publishing. The options can be quite confusing. Leanpub In-Progress Publishing Tool is an option.

But, there is one clear incentive every author seeks, that’s to get a higher percentage of royalties off every eBook or book they’ve written.

Leanpub In-Progress Publishing Tool Royalty Rates

Image of Leanpub In-Progress Publishing Tool

Leanpub in-progress publishing tool offers a publishing stage: Write. Publish. And sell.

  • Write your book or ebook in simple plain text using awesome workflow platform.
  • Publish your writing to a PDF, ePub, or Mobi file with one -click generation tool.
  • Sell your ebook or book through Leanpub storefront platform.

If you’re a serious writer, this type of platform publishing tool might be for you. Programmers, simple markdowns, javascript coders, game developers and romance writers use Leanpub to publish their books or ebooks.

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