Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse Image

Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse

In, “Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse,” today is Valentine’s Day for some and not others. The day or night has passed. But, for myself, it’s Valentine’s Day every day.

In, “Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse,” Why should one day be designated for lovers, couples, family, and friends? To show love, I find a particular meaning, to reach out and touch souls. Across the world, love felt if it’s spoken and shown through a pure heart. It has no color, language barrier. It just exists if we are open to it. A quote and a Rictameter Verse for you to contemplate. Here’s to hoping you all have a very special Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

“When we speak from a pure heart we awaken butterflies in the release of love.”

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Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse

The velveteen
petals fall to a floor
softly, pieces of yesterday
cling to existence, fingers scooping pink
And layering a crystal bowl.
Sweetness drifts upward in
elegance and

©2018 Linda J. Wolff (Google), and “Gentle Perfume Rictameter Verse.”

LINDA J. WOLFF (WOLFF POETRY) lives in Washington. She’s currently the editor of online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers. Her work published in an eBook Urban Pen; Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff on Amazon, Barn & Noble, and Goodreads. She’s received “Top 25 Poetry Blog of the Net,” and her poetry journal was used as a “Scientific Experiment” by the data team & company Automattic that owns (WordPress).

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The woman behind Wolff Poetry. A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Reservoir for Wolff Poetry and mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one's mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

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