image of Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds

Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds


In this, Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds, I observe the small details of senses in this Tuesday morning.

I smile, sip black and in hopes, you’ll enjoy “Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds.” In the start of the morning, there are changes. Light chases darkness to its place. Temporarily. The shadows stay, as if say, we are still here. Smells consume space. Smells that come with warmth and sweetness or bitter taste. Sound swallows the quietness.

The birds have things to sing about as they flutter their wings for warmth. Not all of them go south. I’ve seen them stay in the trees, like rebels without a cause. Just because. Sounds of life. The voices. The cars, trucks, and horns.

Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds

Dark side. Light side.
One can assume song in sleeping ears.
Pinewood apartment wasn’t far the tree grove.

Coffee is steaming from under a pour.
A pierce of cold air. Like a needle prick over an over.
Its impossible to hold back winter’s embrace.

The tires grind the rounds of loose pavement. Mornings call.
A furry creature. A loud-sounding board.
Horn blows. Alarm screams now. Now.

7 Blackbirds flapping across gray. Caw. Caw.
Three skipping across rooftops.
One doing food dance with a squirrel.

Box of O’s. White liquid. Crunch. Crunch.
Colors flow through open eyelids pausing at the window.
A start of Tuesday.

©Linda J. Wolff, and Free Verse Tuesday and Blackbirds.

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