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Free Verse Poem The Last Snowflakes

This, “Free Verse Poem The Last Snowflakes” was written as an example of appreciation and the very reason I choose to write. I relish in the beauty of intricacies.

At the start of a wonderful morning, and an opening of the blinds to the sliding glass door, there is a point one must stop and observe what’s going on in our small world. It was snowing. Having lived in Seattle, Wa — I know all too well that a flurry of snowflakes doesn’t last in the Pacific Northwest, and then sometimes it does. In, “Free Verse Poem The Last Snowflakes“, I’ll try to accentuate of the euphoria I feel seeing this beautiful site.

Free Verse Poem The Last Snowflakes

We watch them from inside glass.
The wind carries them past our eyes
and around the apartments
where they disappear out of sight.
Then, they’re back again.
One with sixfold symmetry.
One feathery plate.
One spatial dendrite.
Our Earthsky had told us about snowflakes,
but none of us ever really paid much
attention to the delicacies of their shapes.
To see the snowflakes wasn’t new.
We had seen them many times.
Big flakes, small flakes, fluffy flakes.
All snowflakes were white crystals
that would melt—but to see intricate snowflake patterns
formed when there is moisture.
Formed of temperature and humidity.
Influencing snowflake formation.
Now that was worth watching.
We put our coats on and went outside.
We watched, they landed on warm palms.
One with sixfold symmetry.
One feathery plate.
One spatial dendrite.
Then they’re gone.
When we looked up, our eyes filled
with snowflakes.

©Linda J. Wolff, and “Free Verse Poem The Last Snowflakes.”

What is a Free Verse Poem? Typically, free verse is patterned by speech rather than a meter. Further, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Such as, visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.

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