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Free Verse Lady of the Woods

Free Verse Lady of the Woods, is a free verse poem that speaks the mystery of sounds in the night, a lone woman out jogging with her dog.

In, Free Verse Lady of the Woods I’m hoping to entertain this eeriness. Country life seems serene, simple. But is it. It still holds challenges of criminal minds. Choices of life can change the whole outlook of events.

Have you ever walked in the wilderness and heard the trees cry? I have. It sounds like the voice of a person crying or screaming. The wind blows just right bending young green trees. The trees brush against one another creating this eerie sound.

Free Verse Lady of the Woods

Eerie is the cry.
In the darkness of night, just before daybreak.

A lady loves to jog, footprints on the pavement
and a dog named Ralph.
Cold air and breath.
Inhale. Exhale.
Fog of mouth.

Headlights in the distance
A drunk hell bent on getting home.
Blunt force. Dead upon impact.

Coldness meets warmth.
Red bleeds into cracks.
Tucked between boulders. She rots over time.

Search. Search. Search.

When the wind blows at 4 am.
One can hear a woman’s cry and a dog’s howl.

©Linda J. Wolff, “Free Verse Lady of the Woods.”

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