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Clairvoyant or a Dream

Clairvoyant or a Dream, is something I wanted to share with you. Do you believe there are clairvoyant people? It’s a challenging subject and has been contributed to a lot of criticism.

Clairvoyant or a Dream, I believe it, to a certain extent. I’ve never actually seen or known a clairvoyant person. Although I’ve had dreams that have actually come true within 24 hours of the dream, I had dreamt. Before knowing, that it had happened I told my daughters about the dream. Then, it actually happens, and I’ve left them in shock. Let me tell you about them.

Dream #1: Cows in the Garden & Orchard

I went on a camping trip with my daughters in summer of 1996, the nite before we had to go back home, I woke to a crazy dream. It was crystal clear as to the events that occurred in my dream. 3 cows broke through the neighbor’s fencing and wandered their way through our orchard and garden we all had worked so hard on.

They completely destroyed the garden of ripened tomatoes and sorted veggies. That wasn’t enough. They stripped the branches, apples, and pears from our little orchard of fruit trees. Leaving our place in utter shambles.

I awoke the Sunday morning we were to head home, thinking its just a silly dream. But I couldn’t shake the details out of my head. So, I shared it with my daughters while cooking breakfast for them over a campfire.

Let’s just say, every detail of that dream was met in reality.

Dream #2: Quando the Flying Horse

I want to warn you! This dream isn’t pretty. Note: My late husband, his brother, and stepson go hunting every year, they take pack horses. We train horses to pack gear into the wilderness. They go for a 10-day stint. So they need help packing in supplies for the camp. My late husband had purchased a new horse “Quando” just before his trip. Granted I never met Quando, he was a thoroughbred of 8 years old. I didn’t get the chance to put any training under his saddle “So to speak!”

With hugs and kisses goodbye to everyone! Off they went! I hadn’t heard from them for a few days. On the third night, I woke to a horrific dream. So vivid, so horrible, and crystal clarity in details.

In my dream; I saw a trailhead, my late husband was walking a tall, brown horse loaded with all his camp gear. The horse started wobbling, swaying from side to side. My late husband turned to look at Quando the brown horse, Quando is shaking his head, over, over, and over again.

Then his legs stagger. He’s stepping backward. “Granted on a trailhead, the trail is only 2 feet wide. There is no room for missteps. There’s a ridge to go up or an edge to go over into a 7000-foot drop of rocks, trees, and huge boulders.”

My late husband is trying to pull him forward. But with a horse weighing a thousand pounds, it’s impossible. Quando goes straight up on back legs. Loses his balance and topples over the edge of the trailhead. He was like a bouncing ball, hitting boulders with each bounce. Then down he went behind a huge white boulder. The next event was the shrilling sound of Quando’s cry of agony!

In the dream, I remember a gunshot. Stepson, Erling had to send “Quando” to horse heaven.

That was when I bolted from my dream state, wide awake at 4 am. I couldn’t go sleep. I just had to wait until my late husband called the next time. Yet, it wasn’t long before I got the phone call I had been waiting for all morning. His voice was very down and somber. His next words were; “Something horrible has happened, we are coming home early. I screamed in the background. He asked if I was ok? I exclaimed: Did the brown horse die? Every detail I’ve written here actually happened.

Do you believe in clairvoyant or a dream that has come true?

This morning at 6:31 am, I had this dream, tell me your random thoughts after you read the poem of this dream. It has the same clarity. I can’t get the details out of my head.

Random Thoughts: Clairvoyant or a Dream

I woke with a bad dream.
Something about this dream had clarity.
Most of my dreams are fuzzy.
Vaguely remembering bits and pieces.
But this one, about this dream.
I could write every detail.
I’ve had these clairvoyant dreams before.
Three have come true, complete with every detail.
So here it goes.

A big barn, doors opened to the blue sky.
Ben was painting, painting yellow over eyes.
Stenciled eyes on black pavement.
I watched his delicate strokes with the paint can.
Spray, spray, spray, pause. Then again.

Then, a strange man walks into the barn.
A tall, lean frame of a man. Dark hair.
He stares at me, enamored by my silhouette.
Smiles, a bigger smile, followed by a Hello.
He stands to watch. Ben asks in he can help this man.

Leonel, who is an employee of Ben.
Walks over to the man shake his hand.
Commencing into a long conversation.
Ben wraps his arms around my waist
holding me tightly. Kisses me gently on the eyelid.

Ben’s dog Hunter walks into the barn.
I watch him. He starts to whimper.
Then the whimper turns into a cry.
Hunter’s stride becomes struggled with each step.
He collapses to the concrete floor. Whimpering loudly.

I’ve seen this before, I grabbed a bottle of water off the shelf.
Poured it into a bowl. Then I awoke.

©Linda J. Wolff, and “Clairvoyant or a Dream.”

I wanted to stay asleep dreaming. To know that Hunter was fine. Only time will tell.

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The woman behind Wolff Poetry. A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Reservoir for Wolff Poetry and mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one's mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

8 thoughts on “Clairvoyant or a Dream”

  1. Linda, it’s awesome! It could be astral travel, another theory. It’s thought by some that our souls leave our body when we sleep and travel. Maybe you were really there in spirit. In any case, I find that some dreams stand out as messages. Maybe you are/were being prepared for the bad news so as to support those involved. The experiences you saw proved real. We can’t argue with that. So I agree…clairvoyant, astral traveler, the label isn’t as important as the truths of the experiences..

    1. Yes. The first time it happened. I thought it a fluke. But a second and third time. With details so precise, and then to happen. I have to believe its something.

  2. Your dreams are uncanny. Too specific for coincidence. Maybe one day they will find out how these types of precognitive dreams occur. I hope that most of your dreams remain pleasant.

    1. Yes. Most are pleasant. Some are warnings that I take completely serious. They’ve actually have saved my life several times too.

  3. I completely believe in clairvoyance and that dreams are an aspect of this, I myself have clairvoyant moments, and through dreams as well, more on a symbolic side than exactly as is. I also hear and this allows guidance through my life which I believe I have had since I was a child, plus I have seen spirits which is a bit freaky initially but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite comforting. I hope your dreams are pleasant and even if not you now see that this is the way you are being warned about things and over time as you become used to them they will help in other ways.

    1. Yes. I am grateful for these insights. I don’t look at them in a bad way. These moments have saved my life as well.

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