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Writing Tools: 18 Free Online Writing Tools for Writers

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Writing tools: As, a writer and author (poet), I find it necessary to simplify the writing process with the use of writing tools. By simplifying, a writer can become more productive in the process of being creative and organized.

With the opportunities of the internet and our iPhone, tablet, or computer. We have access to an endless list of writing applications on the Internet. Not to mention, that many of these web writing applications are free of cost.

I want to simplify your life of writing. I have done the task of research and finding the best web apps. So, I compiled a list of the “Top  18 Free Online Writing Tools” for a (beginning, intermediate, or professional writer). If you’re writing for the sole purpose to monetize a site or blog. You’ll need to write with SEO focus keyword in mind. Yoast has practical tips on writing clear text structure too.

Use these writing tools in your day to produce productivity. Especially, if writing is going to be your profession.

  1. Scheduling and Task Management of writing.
  2. Go-to-apps for writing.
  3. Create Catchy Titles for Books & Blog Post.
  4. Proofreading & Editing tools.
  5. Graphic Design & Social Media Tools.
#1 Writing Tools: Scheduling & Task Management Tools
  1. Todoist – is a task managing web app that helps you organize a to-do-list. Create recurring dates and timelines for your writing schedule. For example, scheduling a time-frame for writing. This is important to create the mental mindset for writing every day. Furthermore, you can schedule “Research subject matter on Monday or Write a piece of poetry every day at 9 am.” Check out how Todoist works here.
  2. Trello – is another amazing web application tool for planning and organizing your daily schedule. Also, for writing or collaborating with others. It has an online bulletin board feel to it by allowing you to use cards in columns. These cards can be arranged from simple to-do-list or organizing genre of your latest poetry book. Take a peek at Trello here.
  3. Marinara Timer – is like a stopwatch, one of the best apps to use for timed-writing techniques. Marinara Timer supercharges your writing productivity. It encourages the writer to become more focused on the subject he is wanting to write about. Learn more about Marinara Timer here.
  4. Evernote – is the most efficient web app for clipping articles from across the web. And inserting them into your blog post. Besides, it is another to-do-list app one can use to write quick ideas for blog post or poetry titles. Added bonus, one can sync across to their iPhone, tablet, and computer. Check out Evernote!
  5. Noisli – if you’re the type of person who loves to listen to soothing sounds when you write. Then, Noisli is the web application for you. Noisli offers ambient nature or cafe sounds to your working environment for creating an effortless stream of noise to stay focused. Take a Peek at Noisli.
#2 Writing Tools: Go-To-Applications for Writing
  1. Google Docs – is an on the go word processor. And, accessible from anywhere. You can write, edit, and collaborate anywhere, anytime. Further, Google Docs is of the easiest programs for taking your writing doc to a PDF eBook.  I suggest you check out Google Docs if you’re not already using it.
  2. Draft – if you’re looking for an alternative web app besides Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Draft…is your answer. Also, with using Draft, any updates you add to your document are all stored in your cloud account. Your documents can also be easily published to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Ghost, etc. Check out Draft.
  3. Reedsy Book Editor – is an online web app that helps you write a book and lets you “write, import, format and typeset your manuscript” to ePub file or a print-ready PDF doc. Check out Reedsy Book Editor.
#3 Writing Tools: Create Catchy Titles for Books & Blog Post
  1. SEOPressor – Offers endless suggestions for titles or blogging topics. Simply add your focus keyword and it will generate a list of titles you can use for your title of your book or blog post. Check out SEOPressor.
  2. Hubspot – is of the most popular blog title or topic generators on the web for populating possible titles for books or blog post. Check out Hubspot
  3. Inbound – offers an SEO friendly blog title idea generator web application. Pop your focus keyword in the search bar. Check out Inbound Blog Title Generator.
#4 Writing Tools: Proofreading & Editing tools
  1. Grammarly – is a web application tool for proofreading your writing. From, proper grammar, checking your contextual spelling, to punctuation, sentence structure, and writing style. I use this app in my repertoire of writing tools every day. It saves endless hours of editing. Grammarly works in-line as you’re writing your essay, story or poetry. I love this app! Check out Grammarly Writing & Editing Tool
  2. Hemingway Editor – is a very useful web application for reviewing your article you have written. It looks for readability and clarity in your text structure. Whether you are writing in a passive voice or using dull complicated words. Indeed, it’s excellent for learning to write effectively. Check out Hemingway Editor
  3. Readability Score – this is a must-have web application for writing. Readability score gives you an idea the education level of reading is in your text structure. All written text should be fairly easy to read and understand. Check out Readability Score here
  4.  Cliche Finder – this helpful little web tool highlights cliches in your text structure, so you can avoid overusing the same expressions in your writing structure. Learn more about Cliches
#5 Writing Tools: Graphic Design & Social Media Tools
  1. Canva – if you’re looking to create a stunning graphic for an eBook cover or a gorgeous graphic design for your poetry book. Canva is the go-to graphic design software to use. You might want to use Canva to create a Facebook or Pinterest header or image to input into a post. Check out Canva for graphic design.
  2. Piktochart – everyone whose a blogger or content creator can use a web application like Piktochart. Its perfect for creating infographics. Repurpose your blog content or present your writing with some color and emphasis. Also, Piktochart is easy to use with a library of professionally designed templates. Check out Piktochart Infographic Designer
  3. Lumen5 – is the go-to web app for taking your blog post and turning them into high-quality videos for social sharing on social media networks. With Lumen5’s natural processing algorithms it automatically creates a content filled storyboard. Get Lumen5 to Create a Rich High-Quality Video

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