Who is Linda J. Wolff?

Linda J. Wolff is a poet and storyteller. 

Linda J. Wolff is featured in Feedspot.com and ranked at #13 of “Top 25 Poetry Blogs of 2017.” Her blog and she collaborated in a scientific experiment (if data code could read poetry) with the data team of Automattic who is the brainchild of WordPress.com. And, she is the founder of Wolff Poetry.

First of all, she’s, the kind of wolf with two (feet) and two f’s in her name, Lol. Linda J. Wolff is a writer and a wellness messenger. She is from the Pacific Northwest, and mother of three daughters.

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Also, she is the emerging writer at Urban Poetry 2017, and she is the author of two books of poetry and a short story. And, is in the creative phase of finishing Children’s book “Bianca Zonka and the Adventures of Nature’s Glen.”

Her creative writing is all about shedding light on the hardships of life. And the stigma of holding it back in the closets of time.

And, when she’s not revealing her true-self endeavors, she’s a wellness and inspirational coach.

In addition, who helps 3rd world youths to claim a stake in our world as upcoming writers. She focuses and teaches a creative process of understanding of reclaiming a story they must tell of who they are and what they have endured.

Furthermore, she coaches troubled teens about recovering the youthful insight as a means of healing from traumatic life events.

As a woman, who is a survivor, has endured a life of mental abuse and was deeply affected by it. Insight and journaling have helped her find growth in wellbeing, coping and grieve through the difficult times of her life. And finally, when she has poured all her efforts into the living of true-self. Thus, she found her authenticity and creativity, thus began the healing.

And when she has poured all efforts into the living of true-self, she finds her authenticity and creativity, thus began the healing.

Linda J. Wolff quotes:  “Of everything endured it does not define me,  it has brought clarity to life and to inspire me to support others who have struggled with limitations in the world and their past lives.”

Media Bio:

Linda June Wolff is a poet, storyteller, and youth’s rights advocate. She is wellness coach and digital artist.

When you read, “At the Age of 10, I was a bird,” when you read any of her work really, you yourself are consumed with emotion.

Linda J. Wolff first discovered poetry in the distressing times of caring for her late husband who fought a six-year-long hard battle of Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer. It was her so-called “way-out” of the strain, by journaling her thoughts to paper.

As a result, Linda J. Wolff founded Urban Poetry. She is currently the founder of Wolff Poetry and Publishing Resources. A go-to resource place for upcoming writers who need direction for publishing a book.

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