Meltdowns and Friday Random Thoughts

Meltdowns in children & Friday Random Thoughts

Meltdowns? I call it meltdowns…because my child completely loses her composure when something does respond in the fashion she wants. What is your term you use? Everyone has nicknames for everything.

For example, this morning I awoke, jumped from my bed, knowing full well I was running late. I start pulling clothes over my body. Then, I realized something. I had forgotten my daughter had a day off from school today.

I laughed at myself. Went to the kitchen and heated some cold coffee.

Do you ever catch yourself doing that? What’s even funnier, that my daughter who is 9 and a half years old, did the same thing. She comes into my room fully dressed. Then we look at one another and laugh.

And, then realizing again it was Friday. We both settled into my bed with our crazy Pomeranian “Rookie,” chatting and throwing “gobble, gobble toy” for him, whom he loves so much.

We sat there for over an hour talking about our emotions and feelings we have. Namely, Bianca had a little meltdown the night before because I had said no to something she wanted, but it was not needed. And, it wasn’t feasible. So, this morning I tried to give her an opportunity to release her feelings about what happened.

Of course, we as adults have meltdowns too.

I believe in not letting conflicts sit for too long. There’s always a resolution to issues or disagreements.

By the end of our conversations, I could see release in the tension of her body, and a sparkle shone from her brown eyes. I never want her to think that we can’t reason everything out.

How do you handle your meltdowns? Have anyone helpful tips?

Want to wish you all a blessed Friday and a wonderful weekend too!

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